Saturday Schools



  1. To improve the educational standards of all children attending the school.
  2. To provide specialist tuition services to children from the ethnic community.
  3. To provide an information and advice service to parents and carers regarding the educational needs of their child or children.

Staff/student Ratio: KS1-4 1:10

Subjects: English, mathematics, science, pre-school curriculum, creative studies and black history.

Creative Studies: social skills, study skills and black history - to improve the self-esteem, confidence and communication skills of the student

Fees: 1 student £15.00/week. For every additional child from the same family i.e., sibling the fee will be £5.00. Payments are required to be a month in advance. There will be no refunds if a student does not attend. Two weeks notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child.

Registration: There is a registration fee of £35.00 on joining Ebony.

Tutor Qualification: All tutors are required to have a recognised degree/teacher qualification and/or one year's teaching experience.

Curriculum: Standard Pre-school: mathematics, English, science and art. National Curriculum followed for all children 5-16.

Homework: Given weekly

Home tutoring from Ebony Education School venues and times Winner of the CaRAF 2005 Award and London Schools Supplementary Award 2006